the making of Varric

Well sadly I was not able to take pictures of the costume during it's creation, but here are some Pictures that probably show how it is made:
The Mask

Well, the Mask basically consists of two parts: the upper face and jaw and the lower jaw. Both where created by using a plaster Model of my own head. They were both carved from various types of foam and coated with latex to create a realistic look where the skin is exposed. both parts are connected with a flexible joint just where the joint of my jaws whould be. there is also a rubber-band (the type used in textiles) that pulls the lower jaw slightly upwards, so it would move when my own jaws move. The whole thing was finally covered with fur which was sewn like a hood in the back.

the Hoves

this ist how it looks like from the front...

From below you can see that the hoves where made around an (old) pair of shoes. The real hoof-part has been supported by a piece of plastic drain-duct, covered with a layer of foam and latex to give it a realistic finish.

This is the way the the hoves look from the inside: As you can see there is a zipper at the back to faciliate putting on the shoes.

After the shoes are laced (and the feet are inside) there are foam-inlays put into the front of the hoves, so that the feet look shorter (though it makes the legs look even thicker it geives them a more realistic look).

The suit

Well, this is finally the whole suit. I actually made it first, but it is still the least spectacular part. There are two things to say about it: First I wanted the legs look realistic and that meant in the case of a creature with hoves it needed an additional joint! Well, I decided, that I also wanted to walk normally without stumbling about my own feet all the time. so I created an additional fake-joint, by movid the knee slightly upwards, by placing a foam insert above the upper leg so it looks a little like an animals haunches. The additional joint was ceated by inserting a foam-trinagle behind the calfs of my legs.
The problem was that this made the legs look fine, but rather bulky. So I decided to make the rest of the creature more bulky too, by enlarging it's chest and it's biceps. This made it look like a real colossus you probably do not want to mess with!

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