eye in eye with Varric


This is Varric, a beastman! His race was once created by powerfull evil magicians to make the perfect warrior, but their own arrogance sealed their doom. They treated their creations as animals and demanded them to risk their lives in battle. Being not the brightest, but still bright enough, they someday realized that they did not like to be slaves of any kind. So they demanded to be rewarded by the mages for their services. The ensuing rebellion was beaten back and most of them were enslaved and put into chains. They were only ordered to do the lowest duties and where kept far away from any kind of weapons. Never the less on day some brighter individuals managed to escape and settled down in a secluded mountain valley where since that day they plan their revenge on their creators.

Here I come!

Varric, like nature (or me) made him

Ooops! I'm naked! (blush)

laugh again and it'll be your last laugh!

from the left... ...and from the right!

A Beast's life
Well, as I already said my passion for strange creatures and costumes comes from Liveroleplaying and therefore Varric had to be able to perform some relatively simple everyday tasks.
Simple for humans that is...
Here is my ultimate real-life test!

Well, that's all!

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