Varric V 3.1

Well, ok V 3.1 may sound a little bit geeky, but then what Name should Varric have other than Varric?
So forget about Numbers it's just Varric and I'm pretty happy that he still looks like Varric, so everybody recognizes it's the same Character with some minor cosmetic but also some major technical changes.
Well, what did overall change?
  • First the fur itself has changed: I previously used rather cheap fur from a local department store. It became messy and felted quickly, especially when I washed it and washing is pretty important when you wear the suits for long periods of time which is essentially for LifeActionRolePlaying. So I decided a few Euros more for better Quality which in turn would mean a longer lifetime for a suit which seemed to be more than a good deal to me.
  • I also changed the cut of the fur a little to reduce the horizontal seams which gives the suit more flexibility
  • Last thing I changed on the basic suit was that I added an additional velcro-flap hiding the zipper. This makes it much more easier to open and close the Zipper and also prevents the Zipper from being spotted
  • The hands have been remade. The design is pretty much the same as for the old hands, but I did sew everything together instead of gluing everything.
  • The Hooves have been overhauled. Fur and the foam-inlay has been replaced
  • Finally we come to the head. This has been the biggest change for it is a completely new design and therefore I fully documented it here.

  • And finally we have a little gallery of the finished suit here.