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Hawke's Snailmail-Board

Ok, I'll first answer the Questions you may probably have:

What the Hell is a Snailmail-Board?
Well I guess every one of you still knows what a postcard ist, don't you? Some people tend to collect postcards in a certain way: They use a large pinboard or even the Front of their fridge to put postcards on it. Sometimes such places are pretty crowded with cards (some of my friends have such crowdy collections). Well even I from time to time get a postcard from friends who wrote me from more or less exotic locations (where they probably spent their holidays or the like). I am collecting quite a lot of stuff, and I almost never ever throw anything away if it is not totally broken. Only the fact, that I cannot afford to buy to much useless things keeps my place from being to crowded. Well Postcards where never a thing I wanted to cover my walls (or fridge) with, but I also do not like to throw them away. So most of them ended up in some mysterious drawer an where never seen again. Then I had this strange Idea: The cheapest thing with plenty space to display is Webspace! So I started to put alle postcards I could still find onto the scanner and then on this page! Everyone can see it here and it does not crowd my rooms.

Well How does this work?
This ist pretty easy: Send me a postcard (You need to write the correct address and then put stamp onto it). If it arrives here, I'll put it on the board (unless you seriously object that means). Of course I will only display the pictures (not the Text) and maybe a small comment.

I am actually afraid of snail-mail What can I do instead?
That is easy too: buy a postcard and put it on your local scanner. Then mail it to me, maybe with a short mail or a comment.

Ok, that's it!
Now look what I got so far:

The situation is hopeless...
... but not serious.
This was the way how Silk commented my 30th birthday.

from Russia with love
This card has been sent to me by Jelena from Leningrad

y2k in Paris
This one is from Ina and Malte who were in Paris for the y2k celebration

Greetings from Thailand from Lars and Silvia

from Seppel from Africa
Greetings from Sebastian from Africa

Lubbel and Orlit in  India
Orlit and Lobelia were in India!

 Geburtstagsgrüßen von DS9
Kaja did send me Birthday-greetings from DS9

noch eine von Seppel aus Afrika
Seppel again, still in Africa

riding through the desert on a camel with no name
This one's from Oliver who was in Tunesia

x-mas greetings from Britta
I recived this Card from Britta, together with a bottle filled with something red and very tasty.

a Camel again ;-)
Anja sent me this from the Canarian Islands.

Home of the Ram?
JM sent me this from the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. He said that this is how he thinks the home of certain beastman may look alike.