eye in eye with Varric


Well, sadly I have no pictures of this, but if you are willing to listen to a story, read on!
As I already told, sometimes simple everday things, can become pretty difficult for a monster like Varric. The whole suit is rather bulky and the thick fur is quite warm. Then it is a simple fact, that much of human life is centered around eating and drinking. It's simply a social event, when people eat and drink and I thought that Varric would miss a lot if he could not participate. I did some earlier tests with the costume and found out that he could eat for example a simple salami just by puting it into his mouth and biting of a chunk.I was even able to lick of my fingers adterwards. Never the less this was only a short time-test but then I got a nuch better opportunity to see what he would be able to do.
Unluckily we do not celebrate Halloween the way it is done in America (well, there are occasional parties but all in all there that's not very much), but there is another festivity in Germany called Carninal (or 'Karneval' ind German). Well, actually, you can not compare it with halloween for the intention is more fun, than horror or to be more percise to cam down or drive away the spirits of the dead (as it was the original intention of Sam-Hain). Nevertheless, People where costumes and have Parties during carnival. Karneval is in fact much more popular in the southwestern part of Germany but also very much more ritualized and if you ask me sometimes a little stiff (Well you guys from america might not believe that a country as small as germany actually has a north and a south (and a southwest), but it has!)
Well, I'm already talking to much! Some friends asked me this year to accompany them to a costume-party (I'm normally not a real party-animal but this time there was a party and I was an animal). So let me tell you how Varric went through this evening:
First we went out to eat something, preferably a pizza. We were all in costume, but well, I had a muzzle istead of a mouth. My friends did not have such problems. I had the coice to take of the head or not and I decided not to do. Despite all bad thoughts it was surprisingly easy to eat after I realized where exactly Varric's mouth was located. I guess we were the show of the evening there (though I admit that the restaurant is a real hideout for Roleplayers, Vampires (3 stories below groundlevel) and other freaks (and the Barkeeper is a Live-Roleplayer and a good friend too)). Never the less I was told it was a real show to see me eating (the masks jaws really follow the chewing motions which probably looks very realistic). Drinking was easy too (ok, I ordered my dinks with a straw).
After all, I'd say Varric passed the eating test with ease.
Then we finally went to the real party: It was located in a music-club and so I already knew this would be the ultimate heat test. Knowing that I tried not to wear to much underneath, though I did not want to miss my armour. Well, it was pretty hot and additional to the several cokes with lots of ice (and drinking-straws of course) I went out several times to feel the fresh night-air blow though my fur (I refrained from alcohol very soon, because It is surely a bad idea when you are already sweating like an animal to drink alcohol through a straw).
I'n not sure If I sould call the heat-test passed, but on the other hand Liveroleplay does not commonly take place in music-clubs where the atmosphere is already hot without being a furry.
The next test was the mobility test! Since it was a music-club and they do have a a dancefloor there (yes, they have music too ;-) ) we were dancing. it was really fun and I admit, that I enjoyed posing on the dancefloor. Normally I'm rather a grey mouse, but that evening I was a black goat (ok, I'm always an animal!). It was really great fun and I even though the costume is as I already mentioned earlier rather bulky, it still allows pretty free movement, though of course dancing like an animal makes you sweat even more. Never the less I enjoyed the party, so I call that test passed!
I should also add the vision test. It's not very hard to determine how good you can see and I guess the mask still has it's limits, but it's best you can expect from a mask like that. I can turn the head without problem to each side (it's actually the enormous shoulderpads that that tend to entangel you sometimes). The mask was actually made with the help of a plaster model of my head (see 'the making of') and so it is quite comfortable to wear.
Now for the last: the beauty-contest!
Ok, I was joking, but there was a costume contest and well, winning the first price made me very happy and probably Varric left a lasting impression there.

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