So, that's me:

The name in my passport is Holger Lange and I'm living in the city of Kiel in northern Germany. Hawke is my primary nickname in the Net and well in many other Places. It is also the Name of my favourite MUD-Character.
I'm 30 years old (well, that's right now. actually I was born in 1969) and well, most of the day I realy look like the guy on the picture. I've studied Chemisty only to find out, that when I had my Diploma, nobody needed Chemists any more (well, not in Germany and I did not want to move to Iraque or so...). Right now I'm going to be a Network Administrator. Yea, one of the guys who keep things runnig while more simple minds keep asking why their printer ceased working and you were called to refill the paper (well, luckily only half the population of this planet are that stupid and luckily I do not have to work with most of them (hopefully))
Ok, what more can be said about me?
Well, here's a short list of things I like and things I hate:

I like

I hate

These people I would award "great philosophers of the outgoing century"