Horns and Flesh

Now the Horns gave been added. They have been carved from sturdy foam (the Kind of Foam LARP weapons are usually made from) This is also the stage where the 'flesh' is added. This means all soft pieces like ears, nose, cheeks, lips, and eyesockets. Everything is made of some sort of foam (mostly Moss-foam which is a very thin and dense foam) exept for the lips which are made of leather.

As you can see, even if the mouth is closed you can see the teeth, but they are partially covered by the lips.
It would probably have been more realistic if they were fully covered but I thought it would be nicerthis way, so you can always see where the mouth is and the ventilation is better, because the there is still enough space betwenn the teeth to let fresh air flow through.

Click on the pictures for a larger version.