more Reinforcements and Teeth

As already seen in the last pictures I added more Epoxy reinforcements, but it's not only Epoxyresin but also Glas-fibre which is embedded in the resin.
You'll also notice that I added a set of teeth. It's completely handmade from a material named Pattex Power-Putty. It's a two component putty that can be sculpted easily and best of all: you can mix in acrylic color. It also works as it's own glue, but beware: it hardens pretty fast, so don't make more than two or four teeth at once!

Click on the pictures for a larger version.

Now the Springs, that keep the Jaws closed are attached

The reason why the springs are attached in this way is that the tension does not increase in a linear way but most at the be geginning and only a little bit if you open the jaws wider. So you can easily open the mouth pretty wide. This was a real problem with Version 2.0. The Jaw is also a little wider which allows my own jaws inside more side moverment and thus I won't bite my own tongue that often when chewing.