Welcome to my little Eldar Page!

this place is primarily about miniatures but will (hopefully) soon also contain some notes on tactics and Eldat Culture. The Craftworld my Army belongs to is Alaitoc, for I liked the nice sword-symbol and the fact that no so much was written down about this Craftworld. I also admit, that I do not like the fact that GW gave them the "Ranger Army" and I indeed prefer to have a really fast Army. Sai-Han would probably been a better choice, but there are so many people who have Saim-Han-Armies (If I should guess I'd say nearly half of all Eldar-Armies are Saim-Han) and the colourscheme was already clearly defined.
After all who cares?
Even If Alaitoc has lot's of rangers not every one of their Armies will be a "Ranger-Army". Therefore I'd prefer to call my guys the "Alaitoc-Strikeforce".
Fly fast and hit hard!
Space-marines beware!

Now for some Photos

Here is something many of us have waited for:
The Serpent!
Well, we have seen conversions before, but to my eyes all Serpents somehow look like modified Falcons with oversized Cargo holds (well, in Fact they are conversions of the Falcon-model). My idea was to make something that was not based on the Falcon, but on the Vyper. After all a viper is somehow a small serpent. Well, in the end, there was not much left of the Vyper, though I used nearly all parts of the original model, but judge yourself:

This Craft ha recently been spotted in orbit around an Eldar Maiden-World
Serpent in Orbit

It has been Iidentified as Eldar Serpent.
This vessel is obviously not only a planet-bound antigrav-transporter, but also spacewworthy.

Serpent leaving the Orbit
Only seconds later the Serpent left the orbit and dissappeared.

Here you can see some more pictures of my army.