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Well, I guess I already mentioned, that I'm doing Live-Roleplaying. It's somehow like being an actor, but also part of the audience. It's not just like watching a movie, it's like being part of it!
I always liked those Characters, who were a little freakish. I love strange looking aliens and weird fantastic monstrosities. They always had an easier way to my heart than normal humans. Well, I'm sometimes feel like a stranger in a strange land and so other outsiders easily get my sympathies. Roleplaying (Pen and Paper) gives you the chance to be something else than you are everyday. You can express your freakishness more easily, by being a Lizardman or a Kobold, because if you see (or at least if you would see) such a creature the first glance would tell you, that it is not like you, but maybe the second glance might tell you, that that stranger is not as strange as he looks or at least that you are just as strange as you.
Well apparently when doing Live Roleplay, playing a strange creature is not all that easy. After all we are all pretty humanoid and neither four armed towering giants, nor tiny fluttering fairies. On the other hand, that's one of the things that provides part of the challenge: Love tinkering and working with any kind of materials. I'll always try to improve my creations. Make them more realistig, but also more 'adventure-proof'. A LARP-Creature needs to be realistic from all sides. People have to be able to walk around it and it and watch it from all sides. In a film on the other hand, a creature only has to look realistic from the side where the Camera is. If certain things are not possible you just leave the away and the camera just won't show them. Because I rather like to be a Player-Character than and NPC my creations have to be all-day and all weather-proof. I try to construct them in a way that they can even eat or drink like normal people.
Well, enough of takling! Here are some pictures of the creatures I made yet:
(sadly there are not many of them available rightv now, but well, they are listed here just to show you they already exist and as soon as I am able I make some photos and put them here.

the Werewolf (my first full suit)
T'thriss the Ilithid (my try to recreate a famous AD&D monster)
Varric the Beastman (first version)
more of Varricover the years many parts of the costume were redone or changed. Here is how it looks today (in 2002)
Digitgrade Legs and Hoves! This is how is was done at Varric.
Varric 3.1 the latest version of Varric, including the photo-documentation of the making of the new head.


containing information about costumes creatures, werewolves and other furries.